Beast Mode Activate, dept.

Win or lose, the Seattle Seahawks are satisfied with nothing less than a full-throated battle to the death.  That's all we ax, brotha.  A vicarious duel to the death, no quarter axed and none given.

Notice that in one Seattle sport, a play short of the World Championship is a tragedy; in the other Seattle sport, one game short of the playoffs is cause for a 10-year contract extension.  And crowing, all winter long, about how good we doin'.

As we've said, sports teams aren't selling us tires or widgets or DVD players; they're (supposed to be) selling us a battle for the championship.  A front office that refuses to put the championship first is "selling its soul," as it were; a team that thirsts for total victory is worthy of our admiration.

If you're in Seattle and not a Seahawk fan, that's on you.  We mean it in a good way.

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