Just give it to Rawls

So does this mean that the Seahawks are back? Saturday's game sure looked like vintage, Pete Carroll-era Seahawks football. Russell threw it only 30 times, passing for 13 first downs and two touchdowns while remaining relatively upright. Wilson was sacked only three times.

However the big story is Thomas Rawls, rushing for 161 yards on 27 carries, answering the call and essentially putting the offense on his back. Yesterday was a perfect example of how the Seahawks can dominate if they execute their game plan in all facets of the game. Rawls' performance next week will most certainly be a key to a Seattle victory.

While that may be stating the obvious, the Hawks have to lean on Rawls in order to eat up clock and keep the ball out of Matt Ryan's hands. They have been abysmal on the road, though they may have caught a break this year as the Georgia Dome has not been as raucous as years past, so that might not be what hampers them. It is on the East Coast, and we don't know if last night's game was an indication that the Hawks are simply peaking, or had a favorable match up that they were able to exploit.

Paul Richardson also had a timely appearance, proving to be a threat. After pulling off a one-handed circus catch around his defender Richardson hauled in another using just one hand for a key first down. If he can be another threat that catches whatever is thrown in his vicinity - a la Jimmy Graham - that can only be a positive for Russell WIlson in the passing game.

Big question is though, can the offensive line block again like they did against Detroit? Of course there were the customary pressures given up by George Fant to whomever lined up against him, but as a unit they run blocked as well as any unit in the league. IF they can bully around Atlanta's defense, it could be a long day for the Falcons.

Lastly, is it just me or should we worry about Steven Hauschka? He missed an extra point last night which proved to be inconsequential, but he has not been as automatic as he has been in years past. He has had his missteps this year, and hopefully there isn't a game that comes down to his leg deciding it. That's because as of right now, I wouldn't trust it.

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Hauschka better be figuring out who he used to get the ball high in the air and start practicing that form soon... and continue practicing over the summer so we do not see this type of season again  

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Unfortunately Saturday's game could be decided by his leg.....


It could come down to his leg this Saturday though...

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